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It sure seems like 2014 is another year of the baby…

There are so many people that I know are expecting to have a baby this year..

Maybe it’s because we are hoping that 2014 is the year that WE will be having a baby… 

Seeing all the pregnant mommies, hearing about pregnant celebrities in the news, seeing pictures of everyone’s newborns..

Babies.. babies.. babies!

I’m definitely getting the baby fever and getting pregnant just couldn’t come fast enough..

But why am I in such a rush? 

I’m putting so much pressure on myself to get pregnant that I think it’s actually preventing me from being so..

With M, it was easy.. we said, “It’s a good time to start, lets try.”  Then, BAM!  Pregnant!

I think the ease of her conception has spoiled me.. if I got pregnant so easily with her, why can’t that happen again? 

Well.. it’s not!

Granted this will only be the second month since we made the decision to finally go for it.. and I know God will bless us with the right little one. 

I have faith..

I just need patience..


Ok.. I’ll admit it.. I have baby fever..

But it’s not what you think.. ok.. maybe it is what you think.. but let me explain.

I have baby fever. I am soooooo wanting to be pregnant again.

But that’s it. I JUST want to be pregnant. I don’t want the labor and I don’t know if I’m ready to start over again with a newborn.

I’m JUST getting used the whole fact that M is relatively independent now. She practically eats on her own, drinks on her own.. and can entertain herself.. she hardly needs me anymore.. and that’s a whole other blog entry!

Back to my baby fever…

I want to be pregnant.. just pregnant.  I want to feel the kicks of a little one growing in..

I didn’t have an easy pregnancy the first time around.. but I didn’t have a really terrible one either..

I had the first trimester morning sickness, which was pretty much constant nausea if I didn’t eat anything.. the nausea also resulted in motion sickness whenever I rode (or drove myself) in a car on an empty stomach..

I had the pressed nerve pains throughout the entire pregnancy.  By the end of the pregnancy, I couldn’t lift my legs to get in and out of a car.. I had to physically lift them with my arms to get in and out..

Lastly, I had M early.. not super early where it was dangerous for M.. I was 36 weeks when I gave birth.. so M was considered a “late-preterm baby.”  Thank God it wasn’t anything serious.. but I was 2cm dilated at my 35 week checkup.. it makes me worried about how early the next one might come..

So.. with all those issue during pregnancy.. I still want to be pregnant again!  Despite all the issues, I LOVED being pregnant.. I loved the instant bond.. I loved knowing that I was carrying this child everywhere I went.. and all my aches and pains were just small sacrifices of motherhood..

Why wouldn’t I want to be pregnant again?!

I just don’t know if I’m ready to have another kid in the process..

When did you know you were ready, really ready, for baby #2?!

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