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We went to Mass at 7pm.  Before Mass, we made sure to feed M so that she wouldn’t be too hungry and cranky during the whole Mass. 

Mass went on as it usually does.  It was like any other Mass.

One of M’s favorite part of attending Mass is walking in the communion line to get her blessing.  We’ve taught her to walk up with her little arms crossed, which is the sign that all she wants is a blessing from the Eucharistic Minister.  It really is the cutest thing seeing this little toddler walking excitedly towards the altar with her arms crossed.  Then, she usually looks back and watches as I take my Communion. 

After Communion and a few words of blessing from the priest, they began to distribute the ashes.

We got in line.  Hubby first, then M, then me.

Hubby received his ash first and began to walk ahead.  M got hers, then turned back to watch me.

I guess this is the first year where she is fully aware of things that are happening around her, because once she saw the ash on my forehead, she was in awe. 

I tried to take her hand to let her walk forward in the line, but she was just so mesmerized by the ash on my forehead.  Her face was so precious!  I wish I had a camera to capture the look on her face. 

Hubby whispered to her to get her to walk forward, and she saw the ash on his forehead and stared at that too.

While walking back to our pew, she would just look at both of our ashes. 

It was just the most precious moment. 

I love that I’m setting an example for her and that this is the beginnings of a faith foundation for her.   I hope she continues to find joy and amazement in the traditions of our faith. 

How was your Ash Wednesday?  How did your toddler react to the ash?

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It’s Ash Wednesday.

That took me by surprise.  I only found out about it yesterday.  Needless to say, I’m really unprepared.  I haven’t had the time to think about what I’m going to give up for Lent. 

We’re totally unprepared for no-meat Fridays and no-meat today!  It’s a good thing that I have some meatless frozen lunches for work today! 

No use dwelling over my unpreparedness for this Lenten season.  I might as well dive in.  I usually like to be more reflective during Lent.  Before Lent, I like to think about ways that I can grow in my spirituality during this season.  It’s a great time to reflect.  I have to figure this all out sooner than later, but I know that I can do it.  

I have no idea how this snuck up on me.  I even asked Hubby this weekend, “When’s Easter this year?”

Hubby, who was probably as oblivious about it all as I was, said, “I think it’s coming late this year…”

I guess it would have helped if we went to Mass this past weekend, but with M sick, I didn’t want to risk her getting worse by getting her outside on a rainy Sunday. 

Don’t get me started on finding out about Daylight Savings time either… oh boy was I surprised about it being this weekend!

How did I become so oblivious to the usual matters of the year?!?!

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