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M is funny.  She’s suddenly acquired this arsenal of jokes.  I think she heard one from school and then decided to make up a bunch of them herself.

Here are a few that she loves telling.

What do you call a witch that lives on the beach?
A sandwhich!

What do you call a pig that knows karate?
Pork chop!

What do you call a fly that lives in butter?
A butterfly!

What do you call a fly that lives in fire?
A firefly!

What do you call a cone that lives in ice?
An ice cream cone!

What do you call a hopper that lives in the grass?
A grasshopper!

Her execution and enthusiasm when she tells these jokes is what makes them so funny!  She ends each joke by asking, “Get it?”  It’s very cute!

I can’t wait for her to read these jokes again when she’s older to see what a silly little preschooler she used to be.


‘Me time’ happens when the girls fall asleep.

It’s during that time that I can watch endless Youtube videos, catch up on podcasts, blog, work on products for the Etsy shop, play games on my phone…

Because of this, I go to bed late.  Very late.  I go bed between midnight and 2am.  It just depends on what I’m doing..

The girls will wake up between 6:30am – 8am depending on whether or not there is school that day.

The logical response would be, “Go to bed earlier.

I guess I could.  There are some nights that I do.  Some nights, I’m just so tired that I abandon all that I feel I need to do and I just fall asleep.  It usually happens after staying up several days in a row.

So I know when to rest.

I’ve always been a night owl.  I like staying up late and I like sleeping in.

I haven’t been sleeping in because the girls like to wake up early.  So while my body is adjusting to waking up early, it hasn’t quite gotten the memo about learning how to sleep earlier.

It’s just the way it works…

Plus, the quiet and the stillness of the middle of the night helps me think better.  I feel much more productive.  My brain seems to work better at night…

At least, that’s what I like to tell myself…

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I watch too much Youtube.

I’ve suddenly become addicted to beauty vloggers and their channels.

I’m obsessing over make-up.

I hardly use make up.

However, I do have a bit of a make-up stash.  While I don’t  usually wear it, I love buying it.

Watching all those Youtube videos made me decide to start using it.

However, all those Youtube videos make me want to BUY ALL THE MAKEUP!

My mom and I recently went to Ulta and purchased about $200 worth of make up products.  It’s a good thing we decided to split the cost!

It’s so easy to get sucked up into the world of make up.  Those beauty vloggers really know how to sell a product and make me drool over them.

Shimmer eye shadow to make your eyes pop.  Highlighter to brighten and make your face look awake.  Liquid lipsticks.  High end brushes.


Hashtag.  The struggle is real.

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Holy smokes, it’s June!

How did we get here?

Every year just seems to go faster and faster.

This month, M will graduate from preschool.  K will turn 18 months old.  Half the year will be over and it’s all down hill to 2017.


Amazing and overwhelming.

Summer vacation starts and I have a feeling it will just zip on by and I’ll find myself in August asking where the time went.

Any summer plans?  Ideas?

List them in the comments below!

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I like listening to podcasts.

I used to have more time while I was a working mom.  I’d listen to them while at my desk or while in the lab.  I would be able to go through so many podcast episodes in one day.

Because of this, I was able to be hooked on several different podcasts.

Now, because my time is limited, I am only limited to two podcast series.

Serial – I was completely addicted to the first season.  I just seem to get into the second season, but I’m still subscribed to it.  I’m hoping the third season might make me want to listen again.

Gilmore Guys – So I’m binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix in preparation for the new Gilmore Girls mini-series coming soon, but that’s another blog post for another time.  I have this thing about having to listen to a podcast from Episode 1 and these early episodes are pretty scatter-brained and all over the place.  However, I’m pushing on, and hoping that the podcast gets better because I love the Gilmore Girls and I love listening to podcasts that dissect television shows.

Any other podcasts I should try?

Leave me suggestions in the comments!

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Earlier this week, we put a hummingbird feeder up in our backyard.

It’s the most entertaining thing we’ve put up in a long time.


We purchased the feeder at the Home Depot.  It was one of the cheaper ones they sold because we weren’t even sure if we would attract any hummingbirds.

This feeder did not come with it’s own food so I looked up several recipes on Pinterest.  Each one had the same ratio of water to sugar.

1/4 cup of sugar
1 cup of waterBoil until dissolved



Some recipes asked to add a few drops of red food coloring.  There were several pins that stated that the red food coloring was bad for the birds and that they would be attracted enough by the red plastic on the feeder.  So I decided to omit the red food coloring.


Once I filled up the feeder with the nectar, Hubby hung the feeder up in the backyard.


M was very excited to finally see the feeder up.

I told her that she needed to be patient.  Hummingbirds didn’t know that the feeder was there and that it might take awhile before we start to see some.

I was wrong.  Within two hours of the feeder being up, we started getting hummingbirds.  It was amazing.

Since then, we’ve gotten a steady flow of hummingbirds coming to feed.

It’s been great dinner entertainment.  M gets so excited to see the hummingbirds feed.  It’s really so much fun to watch.

M tells me that I make the best nectar in all the neighborhood.

I like to believe that’s true.

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I love my girls.  I love having two girls.  The sister bond is something that is totally indescribable and I love watching them grow up together.

Having two girls was also very cost effective.  The hand me downs, the pink items that don’t need to be purchased again… everything about having two girls was just great.


I have to be honest and say that I get a little twitch in my gut when I hear about someone having a second baby that is the opposite sex as their first child.

When I hear about someone having “one of each,” I can’t help but feel a little punch to the gut.

It’s not sad.  I’m definitely not sad about it.

Jealous, maybe?

I’ll probably never know what it’s like to raise a son.  I feel like I’m missing out a little bit.  That’s all.

This is a perfectly normal feeling, right?

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