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Things have been a bit chaotic in the household lately.

M caught some sort of bug.  Maybe it was a bug, maybe it was all the smoke from the fires, see here.  What ever it was left her all phlegmy and coughing.  It triggered asthma and I took her into the doctor on Monday.  Sure enough, asthma.  She was put on her breathing treatments for most of Monday and I was on watch for Tuesday.  Luckily, all the breathing treatments she did Monday were enough to make her better on Tuesday.

She still has a little bit of a productive cough, but it happens rarely now and I’m sure it’s on it’s way out.

I had a short work week of just Wednesday and Thursday, but even those two short days were full of stuff.

Today, I have the day off.

I know the blog posts have been a little sparse this month, but I’m trying my best.

It’s life.. right?

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M and I have allergies.  It appears to be stemming from the same thing.. trees.

My allergies manifest itself as hives.  Her allergies manifest itself in a runny and/or stuffy nose.

Both are definitely not fun and it’s really starting to put a damper on our park playdate time.

Her pediatrician has recommended her taking Claritin, and I gave her a dose AFTER a trip to the park, but by then she was full blown runny nose and miserable..

Next time we go, I’m thinking of giving her a dose BEFORE we go.. hoping that it will prevent allergies after we leave.

Has anyone had to deal with these allergies when their toddlers?

Any suggestions?


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