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M and K have been sisters for a little over 15 months now.

Sometimes, they are the best of friends.

Other times, they are screaming at each other and playing tug-of-war with whatever object they are vying for.

M provides K with endless entertainment and inspiration.

K is that little sister that wants to do every thing and any thing her sister does.

M still doesn’t understand her own strength and often thinks K is just another playmate like her preschool friends.  There are times where I fear M will hurt K for being too rough.  However, K LOVES the attention and hardly ever shows she’s hurt if she gets knocked down by M.  It’s as if she doesn’t want to ruin the moment by crying or getting hurt.  She just wants to play with her big sister.

K as perfected the art of teasing her sister.  She loves to grab something that M wants to play with, run up to M, and just when M tries to take the object, K will sprint as far away as she can from her sister.  M doesn’t always find it amusing, but I have to give that girl some credit for the amount of patience she has for her little sister.

M has cried on occasion due to K being a little too rough or fiesty with her.  It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it breaks my heart a little.  M has tremendous patience for K, so when she finally breaks down and cries, I know she’s hit her limit.

K’s vocabulary is growing exponentially with help from her big sister.  She loves to copy whatever M says and we are constantly surprised whenever we hear her successfully repeat a word.

Overall, life with two girls is just fun.  No sarcasm.  It really is fun.  I love watching their relationship grow.  I love watching them play.  I love watching them laugh.  I love watching them hug.




We recently attended a Science and Engineering Kid’s Festival.  Because we have young children, we spent a good amount of time in the pre-K section of the event.  There, they had sensory bins for the little toddlers to play with.  K fell in love with the rice bucket.  It was difficult to pry her away to explore more of the event.

In M’s preschool class, during the morning’s open play time, they have a big table that is full of rice and different toys.  M loves spending time at that table.  K stares at it whenever we drop off M, but she’s too short to reach the table.

In true ‘mom’ fashion, I decided to finally create my own.

In my mind, it was perfect.  I could set it up in the dining room.  It could keep them occupied while I prepared dinner.  I could set up the lap top on the dining table and creat blog content.  They’d be safe and in one place and I wouldn’t have to hover.


Yes, the girls can spend up to an hour at the bin just playing around.  M loves to bring in different toys to see how they work in the rice.  K absolutely loves running her fingers through the rice.

While M is used to keeping the rice inside the bin as much as possible, I totally forgot that K is 15 months old and right in the middle of her ‘tornado’ phase.

The second I opened up the bin, K grabbed a handful and emptied it out onto the floor.

Rice everywhere.

The idea of being not having to hover over her flew out the window.

Oh well.

I’ve gotten a few suggestions on how to have a minimal mess with the rice bin, but I would love to see if anyone else has any ideas.

I do admit, the girls LOVE the rice bin.  I’m not even annoyed when I have to sweep up the floor every time!

What other types of sensory bins do you have?  How do you control the mess?

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