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Little M is pretty much a walker now.. at least at home.. I think she and I suffer from the same bout of anxiety when it comes to walking outside of the home.  She likes to still hold on to me, and in turn, I still want to hold on to her. 

At home is definitely another story.. she’s ALL OVER THE PLACE!

She still hasn’t tried to get up to standing from the middle of the floor, and that’s because I don’t think she really sees the need to.  There are tons of places for her to prop herself up that I don’t think the thought has even crossed her mind to get up from the middle of the floor.

Since she’s started walking, she’s seen no need to stay in the living room to play anymore.  She’s learned that there is more to our apartment than the living room.  There’s a hallway, bedrooms and bathrooms too!  Don’t get me started on the kitchen either!

We’ve begun to shut the door to all the bathrooms and the second bedroom.  We let her walk down the hallway into our bedroom since it’s a clear walking space.  It gives her practice.

One thing I love about her walking is that she loves to follow us.  If one of us goes into the bedroom to get something, she no longer cries because she can’t see us.  She just starts to follow us.  Sometimes she cries because we go too fast for her, so we slow down or come grab her hand and walk down the hall together.

I love that she’s becoming such a little independent girl!


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