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With Little M turning 10months tomorrow, she’s again surprising us with more milestones to accomplish..

Little M loves her playpen.  She can walk the perimeter while holding on to the rail..

But lately, holding on and walking in endless circles (or squares.. since the playpen is square) just isnt’ enough for her. 

She began using one hand and walking in little arcs around the playpen.. forward and back.. forward in back.

Then…she thought it would be cool to cut corners by reaching over as far as her little arm can go to get to the other side of the angle..

Getting tired of that she started letting go completely and learning how to balance..

She can let go and clap.. she can let go and make herself fall back on her little diaper booty..

That got old so now she’s starting to let go completely and take a few steps towards the complete opposite side of the playpen!

Yup.. walking.

She can take about two steps before falling.. which is a great feat in itself!

Yesterday, she actually made it all the way across almost falling forward but caught herself by draping her arms over the railing..

We can also stand her up with her back facing away from the couch.. and show her something tempting.. like the TV remote, or a cell phone.. and she can take about two steps toward it.

Of course when you put her on camera, she won’t do it.. silly kid.

Looks like it’s only a matter of time before she’s up and about.

Sigh… they weren’t kidding when they say that babies grow up so fast.

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