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Me:  K is so much more tiring to take care of than M was at that age…
My mom:  No, it’s the same, you just never felt it because you were working.

She’s right.

For the first two and a half years of M’s life, I was a working mom.  I’d leave before M wakes up in the morning, and Hubby would bring M at home right before dinner in the afternoon.

For about 10 hours a day, she’d be with a grandparent.

I didn’t know how tiring she truly could be.

Now, I stay home all day.  I get the kids 24/7.  They are tiring.  K is tiring.  K is nonstop running, climbing, jumping, exploring… she’s always got an agenda.. she’s always got something to do.


I didn’t experience it much with M.  The only times I’d get to stay home with her were on weekends, holidays, vacations or sick days.  I didn’t feel so tired chasing after her because I felt like I rarely got to do it.   I always felt I was missing out by being at work, so I took full advantage of my time with M.

So is K really more tiring than M?  Or is it just that I’m around more to deal with a very active toddler than I was when M was this age?

I try not to think about it because then the ‘mommy guilt’ kicks in about how I didn’t feel I was around much for M when she was younger…

Let’s not go there..

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