Living life in the carpool lane..

In the middle of the night…

Posted on: April 15, 2016

As I’m typing this, it’s about 12:30 am.

Hubby is snoring.  Both girls are sprawled on our bed.

I’m sitting up in the middle of the bed.  The laptop is bunched up on top of the comforter.  I also have the baby’s foot on my lap.  #cosleeping

It’s not the most comfortable position, but it’ll do for now.

I can feel my feet starting to fall asleep from the lack of proper circulation.

But this is how I blog.

I try to crank out between 3 to 5 blog posts on nights that I write.  Some nights are easier than others.  Some nights I’m plagued with writer’s block and try desperately to remember anything amusing that has happened in the last few days.

I have a ‘note’ in my phone dedicated to blog topics.  When something happens worth blogging about, I try to type it into my phone to remember later.  It tends to help on those days I have writer’s block.

On nights I don’t blog, I’m usually in the other part of the house creating cards or fulfilling Etsy orders.

On nights I don’t work on cards or the blog, I’m spending a good part of this time on my phone.  I spend this time savoring the quiet “alone” time by watching Youtube videos or scrolling through my Facebook feed.




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