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July 5th marks one year since one of the scariest moments of my life… That was the day that we all packed up to go to the beach, but ended up in the Emergency Room instead.  From that point on, my pregnancy was never the same.

You can read what happened by clicking here.

I still remember feeling how scary it was when I discovered I was bleeding.  I still remember bawling in the emergency room and unable to get any words out to talk to the people at the reception area.  I still remember how my heart sunk when the doctors told me that my hemorrhage was bigger than what they usually see in other patients.  I remember the punch in my gut when the doctors told me there was a 50/50 chance I could miscarry.

The stress of the next few days was unbearable.  Every little feeling I felt in regards to my pregnancy was magnified.  I was in constant fear that “this was it” and I was about to miscarry.

Thank God, I can look back and remember the fears and the worries  and know that, in the end, everything was fine.

K is here, healthy and happy, and I never want to forget all that we had to go through to have her.  She’s my miracle baby.  She’s my blessing.

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