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Posted on: May 10, 2015

I’ve noticed that since I’ve officially become a stay at home mom, that I’ve been really exploring my artistic side.

I’ve spent most of my academic life and my career focused on the sciences.  To balance out my brain, I would make some cards and recently started scrapbooking.

Now that I don’t have to worry about working, I’ve started to try to expand my artsy side.  I’ve been playing with the paints that were left over from my daughter’s Christmas crafts.  I’ve been playing with my watercolor palette to make more cards.  I’ve also started a very rough and tumble version of ‘art journaling’ now that I am participating in the “listers gotta list” monthly challenge.

I have a Day Designer Today and To Do planner.  I find myself doodling and using colors to put in my daily tasks and reminders.

I have an artistic side.

I’m finding it very therapeutic and fun to do after a long day of trying to keep two little girls safe and fed and alive.  After a day of threenager tantrums and baby spit up, it’s nice to sit at my craft table and just create.  It eases my mind and I feel refreshed..

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