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It’s been FOREVER since we’ve taken a vacation.

The last time we actually went to a hotel was last year in May when we went to Disneyland.  I was pregnant, but didn’t know it.

Because of our eventful pregnancy, we couldn’t go anywhere or have a babymoon.

I have to admit, I’m itching for a vacation.  I just want to stay at a hotel and have someone clean up after us every day…

I’m really missing Vegas.  Is it just terrible of me to miss how my trips to Vegas were without the kids??  I miss the late nights, walking around the strip, randomly sitting down to a slot machine, eating tons of food, drinking…

I think I’ve been watching too much of the Travel Channel and all their various shows about the best vacation spots and the best places to eat all over the country and the world.

A vacation does sound really good right now.  Maybe Disneyland, maybe Vegas, maybe Hawaii…

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