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Being a parent and watching your child grow up is truly unbelievable..

During the day, sometimes I just sit and watch M while holding on to K.

M used to be as small and helpless as K, now, she’s this spunky, talkative, affectionate, opinionated young girl…

All of this occurred in the span of three and a half years… unbelievable.

Then I look at K, only eight weeks ago, she was this super tiny preemie.  She slept all day, cried all the time… completely helpless.  Now, she stays awake longer, and likes to look at her baby toys.  She kicks her legs like she is trying out for a soccer team.  She waves her hands towards objects and sometimes can touch them.  She can look at me and coo.  She smiles.  She holds her head up.


I know that I’m still just beginning.  I know there are so many more milestones I have to witness.  There are so many events that I will be a part of.  They still have to grow up and be adults.


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