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During those quiet night time feedings, my mind likes to wander.  Sometimes it thinks of the strangest things, I think it’s because I’m half-asleep and maybe half-dreaming.  Other times, there are tons of different questions I think about..

  • When did M become a kid?
  • How did 7 weeks since I gave birth go by so fast?
  • Am I ever going to craft again?
  • How do I start my own craft-based business?
  • What can I create that will make people want to buy them?
  • Am I ever going to lose this baby weight?
  • Am I ever going to be able to hit 10,000 steps a day?
  • How did I become a mother of two awesome little girls?
  • How did I become a mother?!?!

These, and so many more, questions just run through my mind… I don’t know if I will ever find the answers.

At least these questions help me create personal goals to find the answers..

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