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When Hubby is home, it seems like I have everything under control.  Sure, K is crying.  Sure, M wants to go the potty.  But I have everything under control.  It’s like I have a system.

When Hubby is at work, it’s like the girls know I’m outnumbered.

Suddenly, K has a poopy diaper and the same time that M suddenly needs to go potty for the same reasons.

Suddenly, K is feeding and M wants a glass of water, or some yogurt, or something that she needs me to get up for.

Suddenly, I get some down time to cuddle with M, and K suddenly cries with the need to be picked up.

Outnumbered.  It’s like they know…

It’s like they have a plan to just spread me as thin as I have ever been spread before..

Honestly, I can handle running four or five different lab tests at work at the same time better than figuring out how to parent these two girls…

As difficult as I make it seem, I will never, ever, ever trade it for the world.  I’m exhausted.  I’m worn out.  My mind sometimes doesn’t work properly… But I’m loving every second of it.

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