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The Little Charmers is a new television show on Nick Jr.  This show is M’s current favorite television show.  This show has got to be the girliest show that M has gotten herself obsessed with.  It’s pretty interesting to see her into something this girlie.  She’s usually more into action-packed shows like Paw Patrol, and most recently, Blaze and the Monster Machines.

She loves that they have magic wands and brooms (the call “broomies”) to fly around to get to the places they need to be.  She loves their individual pets.  She’s memorized their theme song and the little song they sing when the put all their little charming powers together.

I won’t be surprised if she wants to buy the merchandise when it starts hitting the stores.

While googling a photo for this particular blog post, she got so excited to see “Little Charmies” on my computer screen.

I’m glad she’s well rounded in the types of shows she likes.

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