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My kids are the queens of hiccups.

When M was younger, I though she had the hiccups a lot.  K has them just as much as M did at that age.

It seems that K has a hiccup attack at least 3 times a day!

They are super cute because she makes these tiny little baby hiccup noises.  They make me laugh all the time, especially in the silence of the night.  It keeps me entertained to hear those tiny baby hiccups.

I just wish they didn’t cause her to spit up some of her milk.  Gross.

When M was younger, every time M would laugh, she would end up with a strong case of the hiccups.  As she’s gotten over, it occurs less and less, but if she has a really hearty laugh, the hiccups definitely follow.

I’m wondering if K with end up with the same condition.

Only time will tell..

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