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Most of the nights, K wakes up about every three hours.  It’s a diaper change and a feeding every time.  While a solid three hours of sleep seems good, it’s exhausting.  Sometimes, I’m too awake after a feeding that I can’t sleep right away and I find that I stay awake for about an hour after she fell back asleep.  That leaves me with only two hours of sleep before she wakes up again!

By the time M wakes up, I’m exhausted and feel so sleep deprived.

However, there are those miraculous days where K decides to give me FOUR hours of sleep between a feeding.  That means I really only wake up once in the middle of the night..

It feels soooooo good.

Who knew that one extra hour of sleep and know that I only have had to wake up once in the wee hours of the morning can feel amazing!?

After a four hour span of sleep, by the time M wakes up, I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle the day…

Now that K is approaching 6 weeks old, I’m hoping these 4-hour spans occur more often..

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