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Crafting.  We all know I do it.  I scrapbook.  I make cards.  I’ve recently learned how to sew.

I have plans for my handmade goods.  I want to sell them.  I want to create an internet presence with them.  I want to make some extra spending money with them.

But, I had a baby.

Crafting time is now a rare moment and only happens when I HAVE to create something, not when I WANT to create something.

For now, I’m working on a custom party order.  My friend that placed the order knows of my new baby and how my time is very limited, so she asked me far in advanced to create the items needed.  Thank God for thinking of my situation!  It’s great to find the time to work on it, knowing that it as to be out by a certain time.

I know that I will eventually find a way to schedule more crafting time in my already busy mommy-life.  Until then, I just have to squeeze it in whenever I can.

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