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Welcome to February.

I promised a little something different, and here it is!

It came to me a few days ago during one of those early morning/late night feedings.. I really need to have my phone on-hand or my laptop handy for those late night brainstorms..

This month, I’m going to do the ABC’s of the current state of my life.  Each day with be a different letter, starting with A, and describing what is going on in my life pertaining to that particular letter.  It will be interesting.  I’ve got the alphabet listed on my phone, and coming up with blog topics that pertain to my life AND correspond with the letter of the day is proving to be a bit more challenging than I thought.

Tomorrow, we start with the letter A.

It’s a way to really push myself to get back to blogging on a daily basis and try to get my life back to some sort of “normal.”

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