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Posted on: January 29, 2015

Yesterday was K’s one month birthday.

Can you believe it’s been one month already?

She’s definitely grown a lot since her birth.  Her last weigh-in was at about three weeks old and she weighed about 7lbs, 11oz.  By now she’s got to be at least 8lbs.  She definitely feels like it.  Nursing her and only using one arm can get really tiresome, really fast.  I can feel her weight against my arm and that’s definitely a change from when she first came into this world.

She wakes up for several hours several times a day.  When she is awake, she is alert and loves to look around at her surroundings.  I love watching her little eyes dart around the room.  She is attracted to lights and can stare at them for awhile.  Her little arms and legs flail and kick when she’s wide awake.  She opens and clothes her mouth and sometimes can get a little sound out.

Her cry is slowly changing from that familiar “newborn” cry.  She’s also developing distinct cries.  She has her hungry cry, her annoyed cry, her wet cry… I don’t know if I ever noticed it with M, but I notice the difference in the cries with K.

Two days ago, we used the last of her newborn-sized diapers and officially moved her on to size 1 diapers.  She had been ready for a week or two, but we wanted to use up the rest of the newborn diapers before we sized her up.  I can’t believe how fast she out grew those newborn-sized diapers!

She’s also out grown several of her newborn sleepers, but that was a week or so ago.  She now fits snuggly in 0-3mo sized sleepers and onsies.  She no longer swims in that size anymore.  My baby is definitely growing.

Happy One Month, Little K.  We love you so much and love how complete you’ve made our family feel.  Keep growing and developing.  May God continue to bless you always.

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