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On Sunday, K turned 3 weeks old..

Three weeks.. that went fast.

She’s starting to become more aware of her surroundings.  She can hear our voices and will turn her head toward the voice that is talking to her.  She still sleeps through most of the day, but will find several hours of the day to be awake.  Those hours are usually around 6-8am..

She gives me a good 4 hours of sleep at night between feedings.. Four hours of sleep feels so much better than three hours.  It’s amazing how refreshing having that extra hour of sleep feels..

M is getting more and more adjusted to having a little sister around.  She loves to give K kisses all over.  She’s becoming a very loving big sister.

I can’t believe K has been here for three weeks already.  She feels like she’s been with our family for such a long time.  She just found her place in our little family and I love how complete we all feel.

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