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My life with two kids is definitely not what I imagined.

I thought things would just kind of fall into place.  I knew there would be an adjustment, but I thought it would be easy.

I should have known that changes like this, especially with a three year old, aren’t that easy.

I should have remembered how hard it was to adjust to even having ONE kid in the house.  I should have remembered how much Hubby and I struggled just adjusting to having M around.  It took us MONTHS, if not a YEAR, to find our groove after bringing M home…

What made me think that bringing K home was going to be easy?

Ok.  It isn’t as bad as I’m making it sound.. it just isn’t easy.

I have to admit that there have been tears shed, and not just by M.  I have to admit that I have cried several times.  Some of the times I have cried have been in the arms of my very own, very supportive three year old.  Now I don’t know if it is healthy to cry in front of your kids, but I did, and it’s like she knew and understood that I was feeling overwhelmed.  She held me tight, her arms around my neck, knowing that was the only way she knew how to make things better.

Right now, my mom is still here and Hubby is taking off from work.  I’ve got tons of help and it’s allowed us to form some sort of routine and some form of normalcy.  I know once the help is gone, and I’m by myself for most of the day, that there will be a whole new set of adjustments… I just know I have to be strong and take things one at a time.

Tons of parents do this all the time.. if they can do it, I sure know I can!

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