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K’s birth story

Posted on: January 7, 2015

I was 36 weeks on December 26th.  And even though we were 3cm dilated, we were hoping that we could last another week so that K wouldn’t be considered a preemie anymore.  However, that’s not how my body works.

The night before December 27th was a sleepless night.  Starting about 2am, I was contracting.  It wasn’t anything super painful, but it was definitely enough to keep me up.  I contemplated waking up Hubby during the night, but they weren’t progressing and eventually went away.

At around 7am, the contractions started again and were much tighter than before.  They were coming at a steady frequency and were progressively getting intense.  I knew I had to call L&D and they had me come right away.

The car ride felt like the longest ride in the world.  The contractions kept coming and they weren’t fun at all.  However, once we got to L&D and was hooked up to monitors and settled down, the contractions stopped.

The doctor checked me and I was now 4cm dilated.  They decided to keep me for a few hours to see if the contractions would start up again and if I would start to make some progress.

The contractions started up again and were much worse than before.  One nurse noted that I looked vastly uncomfortable than I did when I came in and predicted that I was most likely NOT going to be going home anymore.

A few hours passed and when I was checked again, I was 5cm dilated.  Progress.

They moved me into a delivery room and admitted me initially under observation.  They let me walk around and use a birthing ball to see if I could get things moving.

After a few hours of off and on contractions, they checked me again and I was about 5-6cm dilated.  I wasn’t progressing fast enough so we made the decision to break my water bag.  Hoping that things would move quickly, they gave me my epidural before breaking my water.

After breaking my water, we all expected that everything would just be super fast.  It wasn’t.  Labor completely stopped.

The doctor decided to get things going again by administering pitocin.

Once the pitocin was in, things moved fairly quickly.  I went from 6cm to 8-9cm within minutes which caused a little distress to the baby.  Every time I would have a contraction, her oxygen level would dip slightly.  They put an oxygen mask on me and made me take really deep, full breathes with every contraction to make sure K would get enough oxygen.  Once dilation slowed down, the baby was no longer in distress and her oxygen levels remained fine.  The doctor said that it was a normal occurrence when dilation happens very fast.

Before long, it was midnight, December 28th and I had to push.  Pushing went so fast that it felt like a blur.  Before I knew it, she was out, crying and quickly in my arms.  She was born 12:27am.  It only took about three good pushes before she came out.

Time stood still the minute K was on my chest.  This little girl and I had been through so much since the first trimester.  She had a 50/50 chance of surviving when I had my hemorrhage, holding her was like holding a little miracle.  The bedrest since October, the scare we had knowing she might have come as early as 28 weeks due to my rapid cervical shrinkage, just everything that she and I went though.  It was so amazing to be holding her.  What’s more amazing was that she was absolutely healthy and did not need a trip to the NICU.

It’s been a little over a week since her birth.  I’m still in awe of what she and I have accomplished in the 36 weeks and 2 days we had together before she was born.

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