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Posted on: December 28, 2014

We moved into this house in August.

Since then, I feel like M has grown so much.  She moved into this apartment a toddler, she’s now a full-fledged kid.  No joke.

Everything “baby” or “toddler” about her has been practically outgrown.  No more bottles, sippy cups, baby spoons, thumb sucking…

Where did my baby go?

She’s also so much taller than she was when we first moved in.  Talk about a serious growth spurt!

She’s a whole head and more taller than the bathroom counter.  She no longer has to tip toe to reach the top section of the shutters on the sliding door, she used to struggle to reach them when we first moved in.

Her movements are so much more controlled and just seem more “kid-like” than anything else..

Seriously, where did my baby go?

Her vocabulary and communication skills have grown so much also.  I could have a conversation with her now and we no longer have to constantly guess what she wants or needs anymore.

We’ve been able to tell her what to do more and she follows directions better and better each day.  I know she’ll be a great helper when her baby sister finally makes her arrival.  All this growth and development makes me confident that she will make a great big sister…

But I still miss my baby M.

It makes me so sentimental for the days that she would just sit on my lap, or just lie on the floor and rolling over was her only mode of transportation… It makes me miss the days when she depended on me so much more than she does now..

I know she has to grow up.  I just wish it didn’t have to happen so fast.

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