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In my daughter’s case, peanut has to be ingested for her to have a reaction.  She can be in the same room as a peanut, it’s ok.  If someone has touched a peanut and touched her, she’s ok.  Just don’t let the peanut enter her mouth.

We have to read labels.  Her allergy doctor said that foods labeled with the words “May contain peanut” should be avoided, while foods labeled “Processed in a facility with peanuts” can be eaten.

M&Ms, which are her favorite candies, say “may contain peanut,” however, she is unaffected.  Her doctor told me that as long as she doesn’t react, then she should be ok to eat it.  He told me not to take away the foods she can already tolerate since it’s been ok.

Asian restaurants, which she LOVES, often carry peanuts for their dishes, yet she’s been able to tolerate all the Asian restaurants we have tried.  It doesn’t mean that my anxiety doesn’t peak whenever we try a new restaurant…

Before we try a new Asian restaurant, specifically Chinese, I tend to call the restaurant and ask what type of oil they use to cook their food.  Asian restaurants sometimes use peanut oil to cook their food.  Research has told me that hot pressed peanut oil is safe for those with peanut allergies.  However, every time I’ve asked about what type of oil they use, I’ve gotten “vegetable oil” as my response.  Sigh of relief.

Ordering desserts in restaurants has become a bit different for us now.  Before ordering, I now have to ask our server if any of the desserts we like contain peanuts.  For the most part, it’s been ok.  But when I see a restaurant that serves a dessert that contains peanut butter in it, I always make sure that the kitchen staff is good about keeping that stuff separated from the non-peanut desserts.

If only I had control over everything around us… right?

Because she’s only allergic to peanuts, foods containing tree nuts are ok.  She’s actually had (and LOVED) French Macarons, which are made with almond meal.  She’s had biscotti with pistachios.  She’s enjoyed cookies from Hawaii that had macadamia nuts.

Although she’s perfectly fine eating tree nuts, I will admit that when she eats them, I still get very nervous.  Will she develop an allergy to them when she gets older?  I have no idea.

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