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Any day now?

Posted on: December 12, 2014

I’m having laptop issues at the moment so I’m writing using my mobile app. Please excuse any and all typos I may overlook…

My doctors appointment last week showed that my cervix shrunk again. I guess it’s somewhat normal, since I was 33 weeks pregnant at the time of the appointment. (I’m 34 weeks today.)

Doctor also said that I’m starting to open, which means I’m starting to dilate. It’s not big enough to give an actual measurement to, but it’s still a start.

So basically, my doctor is thinking that in about two to three weeks, this baby could be born. With that prediction, she will come out at about the same gestational age as M.

This past week, I’ve really taken it easy. I’m trying everything to slow down what’s going on down there.

At the appointment, the baby weighed about 4lbs. That means in about two weeks from then, she could weigh about 5lbs. I just want her to weigh between 5 to 6lbs and be strong enough to not go into the NICU.

So now we are trying to get everything as ready as possible. My bags are packed, everything we can remember to clean has been cleaned… Labor & Delivery is on speed dial…

I guess we just wait….

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2 Responses to "Any day now?"

Good luck to you. I hope the baby is able to put on some weight before the delivery date. One of my coworkers had a four pound baby a few months back. He is now up to 13 pounds and is healthy as can be. Hang in there and get your rest.

Thank you. I’ve become so paranoid of every little ache or weird feeling thinking it could be labor. I need to relax or my own stress might cause me to give birth!

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