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Ok.. so I know I said that ever 10th and 20th of the month would be a Jamberry post.. but this is actually going to be my LAST Jamberry post..

Last month, I resigned as a consultant.

I started in September, and it was going well in the beginning.  Then.. it didn’t go well.

Being on bedrest, all I could do was incessantly post on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.  I’m sure my friends were just so sick and tired of me posting about nails and Jamicures… but that’s literally all I could do.  I couldn’t go out and about and show off my nails.  I couldn’t go to home parties.  I thought it was going to be an easy online-only business.  It seemed easy enough.  Other people made it seem easy, why couldn’t I do it?

Maybe I didn’t have enough friends interested.  Maybe I couldn’t go out and promote the business.  No matter the reason, the business didn’t work for me.

Some people could say I gave up too soon.

Some people could say I didn’t give the business a chance.

Some people could say that every business has it’s ups and downs.. believe me.. I know this.. I’ve been trying to get my handmade cards to sell since 2011 with little success..

Those people may be right.. but I knew in my gut that the business wasn’t working for me.  I had to throw in the towel.  There wasn’t any use in trying when I knew it wasn’t working for me.

I still like the product.  I have many sheets of nail wraps left and I do plan on using them.

It wasn’t them.. it was me…

But now I want to concentrate on what I really truly believe in.. my handmade stuff.

While I know that starting up the CutieQ business again isn’t ideal with the baby coming, I’m definitely brainstorming for my comeback.  The relaunch of my CutieQ blog is the start.  CutieQ is the one business I don’t plan on giving up on.

Jamberry was a great learning experience how to and how not to promote a business.  It’s going to take more than just an online presence for me to get the CutieQ handmade business out there.. Thank you Jamberry for teaching me that..

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