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Timeout is not a game..

Posted on: December 9, 2014

I’ve been implementing timeout since M was about two and a half years old.  Luckily for me, I haven’t had to use it much..

Because it hasn’t been used much, M didn’t realize how serious a timeout is..

I usually give her a warning.  I count to three, and once I get to three, she gets a timeout.

Usually, just saying, “One!” is enough to get her to listen to me or to stop whatever bad thing she is doing.

Lately, she’s been saying, “I want timeout!”


Ok, so a few days ago, she got her timeout.

I counted to three, she insisted on the timeout.  So I took her to the closest wall I could waddle to (yes, I waddle now) and I told her to stand there and face the wall.  I waddled away and she followed me.  I took her back there and told her she had to stay there and be quiet.

At first she thought it was a game.  She was all for it.

Then, after a minute, she declares, “I’m done on timeout.”

I took her back there and said, “I’m the one that tells you when you are done.”

That’s when the whining started.  She started crying, walking away and saying she was done.  I kept bringing her back there telling her she wasn’t.

Timeout wasn’t so fun after all, was it?

Once she stopped fighting it and stayed there, I gave her about 30 seconds in that place and then told her she was done.

She ran into my arms and just cried.

I felt so bad, but I knew I had to stand my ground.  I explained to her that timeout was not a game.  We also talked about why she ended up in timeout and I asked her if she wanted to be on timeout again.  This time, she said, “no.”

Lesson learned.


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1 Response to "Timeout is not a game.."

My daughter also does this. She has put herself in timeout many times, but then when she learns that she has to stay there, she is not so happy. Counting 1,2,3 always gets her as well. By the time I reach 2, she is up and doing what she is supposed to.

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