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Terrible threes…

Posted on: December 6, 2014

I think I lucked out with M’s terrible twos.  I know I had my share of trials and tantrums, but overall, it wasn’t so bad.  She still listened.  She was still pleasant.  She was still my sweet little girl.

Ok.. she’s still my sweet little girl.

But she’s about three years and three months old now… and I think there is a change in her..

She’s learning to test me.  She’s got a bit of an attitude now.  She’s more assertive.  She cries a lot easier.

She’s definitely changing.

I know that the “testing” phase was inevitable.  She tests my authority on an almost daily basis.  It isn’t too bad yet.  It’s small things.  For example, putting her hand on a wall.  I tell her not to because of a specific reason, and she will insist.  It’s not a big ordeal and it’s not something I would usually blow out of proportion, but because I know she’s testing my authority, I have to be firm about it.

I’m hoping that these small things that I’m insisting she listen about means that when it’s something major, she knows I mean business.. one could only hope…

I’m also hoping that the small things remain small.. small instances where she just tests my authority.. nothing major.. again.. one could only hope..

This phase could not have come at a worse time.. with the baby on the way and all the additional changes that are going to come with having a new baby in the home, I just hope that I have the patience and the energy to deal with it all!

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