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Tum, ta-tum, tum…. TUMS!!!

Posted on: December 4, 2014

The bottle of Tums is now on my night stand.  Every night, it seems like I’ve needed to take it because the minute I try to lie in bed, the acid seems to come back up.

Not fun.

Not something I experienced when pregnant with M either.

I try to lie down on two pillows.  It doesn’t help.

I try to slightly sit up in bed.  It doesn’t help.

The only thing that helps is Tums.  Chalky, icky Tums.

I’ll be 33 weeks tomorrow… this kid is really running out of room if she’s starting to push up my stomach contents..

Ah, the glamorous life of pregnancy…

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1 Response to "Tum, ta-tum, tum…. TUMS!!!"

OH man, I ate Tums like M&Ms while I was pregnant! Eventually got the doctors ok to step up to Zantac. Heartburn was def no fun!

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