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Rag Quilt

Posted on: November 21, 2014

I have to admit, since I’ve been off of work, I’ve been itching to do something super crafty..

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to inherit a sewing machine from one of Hubby’s friends that were moving.

A sewing machine is a total foreign machine to me.  I had NO idea what anything was.  Luckily, my aunt was over for the week and she taught me all the basics.  She even talked me through sewing a small pillow case!


After that brief lesson on basics, I’m pretty determined to tackle quilt making.

Yes.  Quilt making.

I’ve been obsessed with this particular rag quilting Youtube video:

Seems pretty basic enough, right?

So, I dragged Hubby to Joann’s and we went to get the basics.  Fabric, batting, rotary cutter, and thread.  Everything else, I think I have or can make useful.


Those are the fabric patterns I plan to work with.

I also plan to record my progress on this blog.  Hubby seems to think I may have a few meltdowns during the process.  He’s probably right.  I hope I can finish before the baby is born.  If I finish this, I plan to make one for M too.

Have you made a rag quilt before?  Please tell me it’s as easy as it looks!!!


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