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My child is a marketing department’s dream come true.

Any toy she sees on a commercial, she immediately wants.

Not that I would get her every single toy that she wanted, but Christmas is coming up, so it’s that time of year that relatives start asking about what she would like for Christmas.

I asked around of Facebook for a good place to consolidate all of M’s wants for the year.

I received several comments about Amazon and their Wish Lists.

I figure that I should give it a try.  Amazon has EVERYTHING, so finding whatever she liked was a breeze.

I created a Christmas List specifically for M this year and we sat down together to figure out what toys she wanted to add.  It’s an ongoing project.  Every time she thinks of a toy, or sees something on TV, she tells me to add it to the list.

I do remind her that even if we put it on the list, she is not guaranteed to get it.  I don’t want her to think that putting it on the list automatically means she will have it in her hands on Christmas.

I also don’t expect a lot of her friends and relatives to get the exact items on the list.  I wanted to create the list, not only for people that wanted specific items to shop for, but for people that just wanted to know about what sort of things she is into and what sort of things she would like.

Click here to start your own Amazon Wish List (not an affiliate link).

What do you do to help your family and friends figure out what to get your child for Christmas?


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