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Overdue belly pic – 29 weeks

Posted on: November 7, 2014


There I am.

Today, I’m 29 weeks.  Third trimester.  Counting down to our new little girl’s arrival.

At our last appointment, the baby was bottom down, head up.  Not ready for birth.  This week, I feel like she’s transverse, but I will be having an ultrasound tomorrow so we will see what position she really is in.

I’m feeling VERY, VERY stretched.  I know that I’m still going to get bigger.  My ribs and abdomen muscles feel very sore.

This baby has found that little spot under my ribs that her big sister used to sneak into.  This baby may not be big enough to stick herself into that spot yet, but I feel like she’s definitely found it.  She LOVES to hang out on my right side, just like her older sister.  M really made a nice niche for this new baby to reside in inside me.  It feels exactly like it did when M was in there.

I don’t stand up too often, but I definitely feel every ounce of the baby when I do.  Walking is difficult.  I don’t know if it’s because of the bedrest, or because of the nerve compression, or the baby weight, or all of the above.

She keeps me up all night.  She’s super active in my belly from about 11pm to 3:30am.  While everyone else is fast asleep, I’m wide awake with a baby kicking up a storm inside me.  She is not a fan of the wedge pillow I use to lie on my side and have some belly support.  If I lie on it too soon into the night, she kicks at it until I turn to my back.

She’s not a fan of things that constrict her.  Many times she’s kicked baby monitors that were strapped onto my belly and then hid so the nurse had to go searching for her again.  She is not a fan of the full-panel maternity pants.  When M sits on my lap, the baby constantly is kicking at her until M just decides to get off.  She doesn’t like when I lean forward.  She doesn’t like when I twist a bit to reach for something.  She’s very particular about being comfortable.

It’s like I can almost sense her personality already.

While I can’t wait to meet this little lady, I’m very thankful for every week that goes by and I’m still pregnant.  I’m hoping that she makes it to after Christmas.  I just want her to be born at a healthy age. I’m in the final stretch.  I can’t believe we’re almost done!

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