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Read about my subchrionic hemorrhage here.

After being on bedrest for about two months due to my bleed, I thought I was in the clear.  My monthly OB apppointments were showing that the hemorrhage turned into a clot and it was dissolving on it’s own.  While it was still present in my womb, it wasn’t bleeding.  The OB continued to keep me off work.

In September, my OB noted that the hemmorrhage/clot had completely resolved.  However, I was experiencing a lot of pressure whenever I would stand up for long periods at a time.  I would also feel a bit of cramping if I stood up or walked for too much.  My OB measured my cervix.  My cervical length was 5cm, which was very good.  My OB was confident that I was ok.  But because of the pressure, my OB was not comfortable with me returning to work, especially since I had to work in the lab again.

This was a minor setback.  I couldn’t be up on my feet for too long, but at least I was off bedrest and my life was sort of beginning to go back to normal.

Then in early October, I noticed a slight sign of a small bleed.  I called Labor & Delivery and I was told to go in right away.  Luckily, the bleed wasn’t anything serious.  However, they did notice that my cervix shrunk from 5ish cm to in the course of three weeks.  While my cervical length was still considered “normal,” the fact that it shrunk so much within the course of three weeks caused them some major concern.

I ended up staying at the hospital overnight.  My first night away from M.  My first night away from my family.  I couldn’t sleep a wink.

I was monitored for contractions the whole night and in the morning, they checked my cervix again.  Thankfully, nothing happened during the night.  I was sent home with orders of modified bedrest, nightly progesterone dosages, and now doctors appointments with the high risk OB weekly.  I was also sent home with some anti-contraction medication that I am to take on an as needed basis.  At the time of writing this post, I’ve only had to take it twice.

The first of the weekly appointments showed that my cervix shrunk again.  Nothing too drastic, but I was now at about 2.7ish cm from 3cm prior.  I got put on more restricted bedrest, with an application for a disability parking placard and a referral for a wheelchair to allow me some fresh air.

And now.. we are here.  I’ve had another appointment with the high risk OB that showed my cervix didn’t move from the last week.  But they still want me to remain off my feet as much as possible.

This was definitely not what I had in mind when I was wanting to get pregnant again.  But I’m very thankful for all the doctors for helping me do everything I can to keep this baby in me.

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