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My current condition requires some form of bedrest.  I’ve been consulting a high risk OB-GYN and they are very concerned with my cervix thinning too soon and causing premature labor.  Every week that goes by is a sigh of relief that I am still pregnant.

Being right at about 28 weeks, giving birth to this baby would be too risky.  While modern medicine can greatly help the survival rate, I would definitely NOT want her born anytime soon.  We need to make it to at least the end of the year for me to feel comfortable.

With all that being said, I’m supposed to be off my feet as much as possible.  It’s not a super strict and complete bedrest.  I can still get up to go to the bathroom or walk small distances around the house if necessary.

I’ve been lucky that I’ve had family in one form or another coming over to help out with most of the day-to-day activities, but I’ve been especially lucky with one particular helper.

My little M.

I’m so blessed that M is at that age where she thrives over being mommy’s little helper.  I’m so blessed that she’s at that age where strives for independence.

Because of her helpfulness and understanding, I haven’t had to get up excessively.  We’ve even learned how to play some games that only require me to sit around.  We’ve adapted to this situation that we’ve got our little system down to an art.  I wish it wasn’t this way, but I’m very glad I’ve been blessed with a great little girl like her to go through it with..


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