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I’m still pregnant.  Still not working due to all the pregnancy complications..

The following has also happened..

  • We’ve moved from our apartment to a home we are now renting
  • I’m days away from my third trimester
  • I’ve been off bedrest.. back on bedrest.. and now have a wheelchair to get out of the house with a handicap placard to place on my car
  • I’ve been having weekly doctors visits making sure my cervix isn’t shrinking to worrisome lengths
  • I went from weekly progesterone shots to nightly progesterone dosages
  • I’ve had family here off and on to help me out with day to day activities
  • I turned 34
  • M turned 3
  • M had a peanut reaction and test confirmed she has a peanut allergy
  • We now carry a bottle of benadryl and an epi pen everywhere we go
  • We’ve had potty training setbacks and triumphs
  • I became a Jamberry Independent Nail Consultant
  • Hubby has been beyond amazingly supportive
  • Hubby and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary

I’m sure I’m forgetting so many things that have happened since August.  But I’m back, and I’m going to try my best to keep up with this.  I realized how much I actually need this blog.  It’s not only to document the events of my little family’s lives, but because it’s a great outlet for me to sort through feelings and thoughts.


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