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 I guess it was bound to happen. 

Stretch marks.

I did so well to avoid it when I was pregnant with M.  I went through that entire pregnancy unscathed.  My belly was free of any stretch marks.  I was able to wear a bikini again. 

But yesterday,  I saw them.  Little white lines are forming on the bottom of my belly.  It’s starting.

I’ve been slathering my belly in Vitamin E oil since the day I discovered I was pregnant.  I guess I have to bump it up to twice a day.  I hope that they don’t get too bad. 

It must be because my belly popped out so much faster and sooner this time around that my skin just can’t seem to catch up. 

I guess its ok.  I can’t expect to go through two pregnancies and come out with a flawless belly! 

It’s the mark of motherhood.  If I can’t avoid it, I’m going to just embrace it! 

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