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Baby bumpin’

Posted on: June 21, 2014


This is me at 8 weeks.  I took this picture last Tuesday.  At this point, I’m 9 weeks pregnant and probably looking the same, maybe a little bigger.

I.  Feel.  Huge.

When I look down at my belly, I definitely like I look bigger than what I actually am. 

I know I’ve read in the past that the second pregnancy usually pops out earlier than the first pregnancy.  They weren’t kidding.  By the time I was about 6 weeks pregnant, Hubby and I had to pull the bag of maternity pants out of storage so I can find the belly band I used to wear my regular jeans without having to zip and button them. 

By the time, I made the Facebook announcment last Sunday, I started wearing maternity pants. 

I cannot believe how fast this all seems to be happening.

I really hope this isn’t a sign that I will be HUGE by the time I give birth. 

Share your baby bumpin’ stories here in the comments below!

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