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Potty training break..

Posted on: June 20, 2014

While I would have LOVED for M to be fully potty trained by the time the new baby is born, I’m admitting to the fact that it just might not happen.

We’ve decided to take a break on her potty training.

She’s just become so adamant about how she doesn’t want to use the toilet.  If you ask her too many times, she throws  herself on the floor and cries like she’s being tortured.

I’m giving it about a week or two.  She just needs to a break, and then I’ll start again slowly. 

She’s still very aware of her bodily functions, and she’s figuring out how to remove her diaper, so I know we are on the right path. 

I just think that she needs a little break.  I just don’t want her to hate the potty.  I know that she will get this potty training in her own time.

Just a little more patience from both of our ends…

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