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Posted on: June 8, 2014

Sometimes, when I suffer from writer’s block, I write a blog entry that is just a stream of random thoughts.  This is one of those blog entries.

  • The cubicle I sit in a work is starting to feel a little stuffy.  I’m quickly learning that I need windows and natural light in order to survive an 8 hour workday.
  • I could nap anywhere, if I could.  I’d love to take a nap right now.  Right.  Now.
  • It’s so hard to focus when surrounded by these cubicle walls.  I definitely need natural light.
  • Podcasts are the only thing that keep me going during the workday.  I couldn’t survive in the silence of this “cube city” if it weren’t for my iPhone and the Podcast app.

It feels like my random thoughts are also suffering from some writer’s block as well. 

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