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San Diego fire storm.. we’re ok!

Posted on: May 19, 2014

Last week, San Diego was on fire…

It started on Monday or Tuesday.  That was the Bernardo fire, and that was the particular fire that got us the most worried as it was the fire that was closest to us.

For most of the night we were on alert.  Had the winds moved the fire in the other direction, we would have definitely been evacuated.  By the grace of God, the firefighters and the winds were able to keep the fire going away from homes and opposite of our direction.  While we were worried, we knew we would be safe.

The next day, the firestorm started.  I believe at it’s peak, there were about 9 fires simultaneously burning.

Thank God, none of them were near our apartment.

However, my afterwork commute was in for a treat as I found myself stuck on a freeway that had to be closed because fires had erupted on the sides of the freeway lanes.  I believe they called this fire the Highway fire.  I left work around 3pm and didn’t get home around 5pm.  What’s usually a 45 minute commute turned into 2 hours!  It didn’t help that it was 103 degrees outside, so even if I wanted to turn my car engine off, I couldn’t because I would have roasted for sure!

Thursday night, we drove up to my parents house which is an hour and half north of San Diego.  We had this planned for awhile, so we weren’t evacuating because of the fire, but it was great timing anyway.  Because we didn’t know if any other fires would come, or if one of the fires suddenly decided to head in our direction, we took some of our most valuable documents and items with us.

As the fires burned, the smoke drifted.  By Friday, my workplace, which I mentioned was 45 minutes way, north, of the San Diego fires, was blanketed by a cloud of smoke and there was ash sprinkling down.  I had my car windows opened a crack while I was at work and when I came into the car at the end of the day, there was a sprinkling of ash on the car seats..

The air quality hasn’t been great, and I think it’s starting to affect M a little bit.  She’s been battling some allergies and asthma symptoms since this weekend.. I’m hoping the winds pick up once the fires are out completely and we can clean up our air.

This was my first San Diego fire storm.  While I know it’s not going to be our last, I now know what to do, what to bring, and how to act.

Thank God for those brave firefighters!


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