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My motherhood journey…

Posted on: May 13, 2014

To continue in the ‘mother’s day’ spirit,  I want to share with you something I wrote about becoming a mother on my Instagram on Sunday.

In January 2011, my dreams came true when I got a positive result on a pregnancy test.  Being a mother was something I had always wanted for as long as I could remember.  Nine months later, this precious girl came into my life and my world has never been the same.  She’s exhausting, challenging, and has taught me more about patience than I ever expected.  She’s also entertaining, charming and probably the sweetest, most loving person I know.  She is unconditional love.  I cherish every second that I am your mother.  You, my dear made all my dreams come true.  I love you lots!

Motherhood is something I try not to take for granted, ever.  I love being a mother.  I love being HER mother. 

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