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Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was great, like always.

My parents came over for the weekend and my younger brother surprised my mother by showing up for the weekend also.

It was a very laid back holiday.  We ate out, then hung out at home.

When my family left, we ended the day having dinner with Hubby’s family.

It was a day full of love and appreciation.

Did I get anything for Mother’s Day?  No.  I never do. 

Is that a problem?  No.  It never is.

Why?  Because gifts don’t really matter to me. 

All I needed was to hear M tell me, “Happy Mother’s Day.  I love you, Mimi.”  Ok, so I had to tell her to tell me all of that, but hearing it all in her little voice made me melt regardless.

One of these years, she’s going to tell me all of that on her own accord, and it will be just as special.

Motherhood is the best.

Happy mother’s day to all the mommies of the world!

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