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The intermediate diaper bag..

Posted on: April 30, 2014

Getting rid of the diaper bag was a great idea. 

We didn’t need to carry so much baby stuff, so it was pointless to go around carrying a huge diaper bag/backpack around anymore.

I transitioned into my biggest purse, which is a Burberry that I splurged and bought myself around 2012.  It had cost me several hundred dollars to purchase.  The thought of using it again was delightful!

It was great until I realized that I was still a mom, and although I didn’t need half of the stuff I was carrying anymore, there were still plenty things that I needed to be carrying around. 

Diapers.  Wipes.  Sometimes an extra shirt.  Sometimes an extra pair of pants.  Sometimes shoes.  Most recently, due to her asthma attacks earlier this year, an inhaler.  It wasn’t a small one either.  It had that long tube that kids use to inhale the medicine properly.

My poor Burberry was going to burst at the seams!  I couldn’t even zip it anymore.

It made me so sad.  I bought that purse as a major splurge in my early 20s.  It was expensive and so very special to me.  It was taking a lot of abuse.

I had to do something.

Hence, the intermediate diaper bag!

I received notification online that Petunia Picklebottom was holding an outlet sale on some of their diaper bags and purses.  I decided I needed to check it out. 

I came across one that looked like a purse but was big like a diaper bag.  It cost about $115, but was on sale for about $89.  I wanted it immediately, but I needed to feel the purse before purchasing.  I went to Nordstroms Rack to see if they had any available.  I came across the same bag, but different color and pattern.  I tried it out and knew I liked it.  It was the perfect accessory for a mom of  a toddler. 

Nordstroms Rack sold the purse for the same price as the Petunia Picklebottom outlet sale.  I decide to buy it right there and then.  By purchasing it at Nordstroms Rack, I didn’t have to worry about shipping fees, so that saved me money!  Cha-ching!


There it is, in all it’s glory. 

I’ve always had a flare for the bold, even though I never usually execute.  I love the red.  It may not go with ALL my outfits, but it seems to work with most.  I’m not usually too concerned about those minor details.   All I need to know is that it’s functional for me.

The one drawback was that I didn’t realize how heavy this purse gets when it’s stocked full of “M necessities.”   I try to keep it as minimally stocked as possible.

I know it feels like a step back from liberating myself of carry too many “baby things,” but I’m overall happy with my decision to go back.  I feel more organized and more functional as a mom to a toddler.  I can zip it shut now! 

Most of all, my favorite Burberry purse has it’s dignity again!

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