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Posted on: April 28, 2014

M has a baby doll.  She named it “brother.”

She loves that doll.

It’s supposed to be a baby girl.  It’s one of those that have the dirt marks on it and warm water “washes” it away.

The baby had a bathrobe and a diaper but she removed them and carries the doll around naked.  I think this is why she’s attributed a male gender to the doll.  She calls him ‘brother’ and tells me, “he’s so cute!”

She rocks him to sleep and sings a nap-time lullaby. 

She gently lays him down on the couch and gently kisses his forehead.

It’s so cute watching her give her doll love.  It shows how loved she is that she can emulate the same actions and feelings towards her doll. 

She looks so ready to have a new baby in the family.  I wonder if that’s a sign….


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