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M loves to sing.

As children, my brother and I had a microphone stand that we loved to use.  We used to get together with our cousins and have little concerts using the microphone.

Naturally, because M loves singing, she had to had one too.  My mother took to Amazon to find the perfect microphone.

Winfun Sing N Jam Platform

This is great. 

This is a stand-alone microphone that can get pretty tall.  It will definitely grow with M for several years.

At the base, there are four buttons that are sounds of applause, cheers, and some percussion.  There is also disco ball lighting that M loves.

The microphone is pretty loud.  The quality of the sound is decent, but it’s a children’s toy, so I didn’t expect super clarity.  There is also a bit of feedback that occurs if the microphone is tilted down or too close to the speakers. 

M LOVES this.. she totally jams out to her My Little Pony songs.  She’ll sing her favorite Strawberry Shortcake songs. 

I’ve been known to belt out a little “Let It Go” from Frozen with this microphone too!

(Don’t mind the mess.. just focus on the cute kid rocking out on the microphone…)

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