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M received this trike for her second birthday back in September 2013.  She has loved it from the beginning, however, she’s refused to take it outside.  All that changed last week.  We were finally able to take it out and she absolutely loves it more than ever!

Radio Flyer Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike

This trike was pretty easy to assemble.  Of course, Hubby did all the assembling.  The directions were fairly easy to read and he had it put together in less than an hour.

This trike is awesome because M doesn’t necessarily have to pedal in order for it to go forward.  That handle in the back acts as a stroller handle.  You can steer and push the trike around.  You have complete control of the tricycle with that handle. 

If M doesn’t move the pedals, the trike makes a ticking noise that can get a bit annoying.  Hubby seems to think that there is a setting within the front wheel that can remove that ticking noise, but so far, we haven’t figured it out.

The back has a little “trunk space”.  You can lift the little back area and there is a small storage space.  It can’t really hold much.  It can probably hold a little baggie of snacks, but nothing major.  We usually find small random objects in them that M likes to place. 

The wheels are hollow plastic, which makes them fairly easy to clean, but I’m not sure how long they will actually last in the long run. 

M loves this trike.  Ever since we finally used it outside, she has been wanting to go everyday! 


I highly recommend this since you actually have a lot of control of the tricycle, especially when a two-year old is at the front!

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