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I’m sure you have noticed that Tuesdays have become product review days on the blog.

So far, they have been things that I have been items around the apartment, items M loves, and items I use on M.  

I always make sure that we had been using the items for at least a month before I write a review for them.  Using them for a month gives me a better idea of whether I like them or not.  A month gives me enough time to find the little pros and cons of each item.

I feel that having the item for a period of time gives me the opportunity to really give an honest review of the product.  It’s what every mom wants, right?

If you notice, I have links that lead to  Those links send you to the product using my amazon associates account.  If you decide to purchase the item featured on my product review, please consider purchasing it through the provided link.  I will get a small percentage of the purchase, almost like a commission.  

Do you have any items that you want me to review?  Please feel free to leave a comment with what you want me to review!  I’d love to try new things and see how they work for my family. 

Look for my blog on Tuesdays for these product reviews! 

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