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Yesterday, M turned thirty-one months old.

Thirty one months.  She’s over two and a half now, she’s inching closer and closer to three. 

I see changes all the time. 

I see it in the way she carries herself.  She’s got so much more confidence in her movements.  She climbs, jumps, and runs like it’s second nature to her. 

I see it in the ways she’s more aware of her surroundings.  She’s more aware of pains, or “ouchies.” She’s feels more and is more in tune with what she feels and observes.  Little scratches or bumps that she used to ignore now cause her to pause and acknowlege the sensation. 

I see it in the way she talks to me.  Her vocabulary just grows in leaps and bounds as the months go by.  We can now have conversations.  We don’t have to play the guessing game as much when trying to figure out what she wants.  She can request things, like what to watch on TV, or what books to read, or what she wants to eat. 

I see it in the way she plays.  I love watching her role play.  I love watching her create little scenes with her toys.  I love watching her reenact scenes from her favorite movies, videos and TV shows.   I love watching her pretend to talk on the phone.  I love watching her hug her stuffed toys.  I love watching her feed her toy horse.  Playtime with her is always filled with such entertainment.

I see it in the way she figures out how the world works around her.  I love how she’s figured out how to take her step-stool around in order to get to things she knows are beyond her reach.  I love how she’s figured out which remote control to give us based on what she wants to watch.  I love how she’s figured out how to find the fun in a laundry basket.  I love how she’s figured out how to use my legs as her personal slide.

Happy 31 month birthday, M!  I pray you continue to grow and learn and change.  You amaze me everyday.

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